Precious stones

Precious stones

Non-white diamonds, two-toned sapphires

The Agapanthus style is rooted in the search for special stones, even when it comes to the more classic precious gemstones.


The salt-and-pepper diamond

The salt-and-pepper is a white diamond with black inclusions, quite different from the standard of clarity and pureness adhered to traditionally. Salt-and-pepper gems possess the shine and sparkle of the classic diamond, but have more character. Inclusions are snubbed by diamond dealers for being flaws, but at Agapanthus they are prized as a virtue that makes the diamond even more unique.
In fact, it is impossible to find one stone equal to another. The particular features are sought out with patience and skill. Very pure white diamonds are easier to find; all it takes is an enormous budget. Agapanthus looks for beauty that goes beyond the obvious. Often, it is hidden in the folds of so-called imperfections, around which the entire piece of jewellery is then built.

diamonds-salt and pepper

The brown diamond

The brown diamond is another stone that stirs great emotion thanks to its hue - a symbolic evocation of the Earth and its deepest mysteries. All diamonds mounted by Agapanthus are cut perfectly according to the rules of the craft, an essential precondition to obtain the ideal shine, sparkle and luminosity.


The teal sapphire

The bi-colour teal sapphire is a highly particular addition to the Agapanthus collection. During these gems' formation millions of years ago, the progressive mutation of physical and chemical elements led to singular characteristics. Extraordinary colour combinations, unique colour-zoning and inclusions that are actually small stones under formation inside the gem, produce transfixing iridescent effects. Observation of these sapphires under a microscope shows the fascinating presence of millions of tiny crystals.

sapphires bicolor